Kara Olavarrieta


Senior Executive Coach

Result-oriented strategy director with over 25 years of leaderships experience in international companies in Mexico, Central America and Spain with direct responsibility for P&L.

Natural leader with an ease for team building.

My curiosity and passion for the human development, motivated me to search for a new form of collaborating with people in the companies. My trajectory in the world business sensitized me of the great importance that the human resource has in and out of the organizations. I have collaborated offering executive coaching, consulting and mentoring

I really believe everyone is continually moving on a journey of transformation, I like to support humanity on that journey to discover all their potential

I am certified co-active coach by Co Active training institute, CTI Certified in Practitioner and Master in Neurolingistic Programation (PNL).

I studied in Universidad del Valle de Mexico. I have a degree in business administration. Thanks to my professional experience and my interest in human development, I continued my studies as a Gestalt Psychotherapy and holistic counseling.

Over 800 hrs. of executive coaching with executives in different organizations.



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