Fabiola Cuevas


Senior Executive Coach

Bilingual Executive Coach, Life Coach and professional expert with more than 20 years of experience in organizational consulting, talent training, coaching, accompanying organizations to develop the potential of people and work teams.

Passionate, committed, generating spaces of trust, empathic listening focused on a process of transformation of integral coaching originating empowered actions in favor of maximizing the results of the organization through obtaining the best version of the person.

I have certifications as International Executive Coach and alignment of Teams by the ICT-ITESM, Life Coach, Executive and Teams by Model Coaching Q (Human Element Quidam) and in Coaching Game tools by Points of You, Teaching and Designs of Human Capital Training Courses (CONOCER) and diplomas in Business and Team Coaching.

Industrial and Systems Engineer with Specialty in International Business (ITESM) with corporate experience in transnational, national and third sector industries in service, logistics, education, insurance, banking, food, technology and manufacturing.



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