Carlos Villena

Mexican native Coach, Carlos has worked in IT companies such as Oracle in activities related to software development, software quality, database migration, and recruiting.

Annick Desouches

As a native English-speaking coach with over two decades of leadership experience, I specialize in empowering executives who aspire for growth, well-being, and improved intergenerational and cross-cultural workplace relationships.

Liliana Fernandez

Liliana Fernández, an Executive Coach with over 20 years of strategic planning and coaching experience, excels in enhancing communication and leadership …

María Elena Cisneros

Strategy and Happiness Coach.
+14 years of behavioral strategy & leadership experience.
BA Bachelor’s degree.
Master in psychology & Non verbal communication

Florian Segelken

German native corporate executive with 15+ years leadership experience in automotive industry. property management and government relations leading directly up to 1.000+ associates…

Joaquin Hernandez

Hello! I am Dr. Joaquín Hernández, and I am pleased to help you on your path to success and the fulfillment of your goals as an Executive Coach…

Fabiola Cuevas

Fabiola Cuevas, a Bilingual Executive and Life Coach, brings over 20 years of experience in organizational consulting and talent development.

Nora Alvarado

Executive coach with three decades of experience in logistics, supply chain and customer service, my coaching approach is characterized by qualities such as sensitivity, reliability, honesty, and a supportive demeanor.

Claudia Gonzalez

Claudia, Senior Executive Coach at Cornerstone Group, offers 30 years of corporate experience with a focus on achieving results and fostering people development.

Paulina Garcia

Paulina García is an executive coach renowned for her robust and transformative coaching style. She excels in redirecting responsibility back to her coachees, fostering a healing and empowering environment. Paulina’s mastery lies in her ability to make individuals realize their own roles in challenging scenarios, facilitating profound self-awareness and growth.

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